My Story

MY NAME IS JASON LEVINTHAL. I'm the skier that started Line skis & Full Tilt boots. A couple of years ago I left those brands and started this new ski company J, with a mission to do things different in skiing. I build small quantities of limited edition skis, and hand sign and number each so you’re riding a one-of-a-kind ski like no one else. I sell them factory direct to you exclusively here on this website, cutting out the middle man so I can invest more into building better product and selling it to you at a great price. I make the skis available immediately as I create them, year round, moving at the speed of thought so you have newer skis sooner!

I’ve been designing game changing, award winning skis for 20 years and these are my best skis yet. Thanks for checking them out!

It's just skiing.

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We're skiing!
It may only be early November but tons are folks are already out skiing with J's on their feet! Check out some of the first J skis on snow this season.
WIN J skis and NWT3K Outerwear
FREE SKIS AND OUTERWEAR! On December 7th, 2018 I'll randomly select one lucky skier to win a custom jacket from Northwest Tech and a pair of the J skis Masterblaster "River"
Do you know Sander Hadley?
"It hasn't snowed in 2 weeks and won't for another, who cares." - Sander Hadley