Rossignol FKS 140 Dual WTR Ski Binding
Rossignol FKS 140 Dual WTR Ski Binding

Rossignol FKS 140 Dual WTR Ski Binding

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The Rossignol FKS 140 is still one of the most trusted and powerful bindings in skiing. This season Rossignol has added the ability for you to use a WTR (Walk to Ride) rockered boot sole. You still get seven points of contact between your boot and the binding that ensure that you are in and staying in. The FKS has 0.5 Degrees of Ramp Angle that make it freestyle and park skier favorite, by giving you a flat stance for skiing and landing switch. The FKS boasts a very high amount of Elastic Travel in both the toe and heel pieces to reduce the chances of pre-releasing. A short footprint and wide platform give your skis a deep and even flex, and increased torsional power. If you are looking for a bombproof set of bindings for charging down a steep face or ripping up the park, the Rossignol turn table has stood up against the test of time, and the FKS 140 is the binding for you.

The "Walk To Ride” version of the binding is simply a feature that enables the height of the surface that the toe of your boot sits on to be lowered or raised. This feature does not effect performance, it is purely to enable the binding to accept "Walk To Ride" (WTR) boots OR standard boots.

A walk to ride boots has a subtle angled toe and heel so that they are easier to walk in. This is a new style of ski boot sole and If you don’t own a WTR boot and don’t plan on owning one then you do not need a WTR binding, although the binding will also fit a standard boot as well so there is no harm in owning a WTR binding either way.

  • New WTR Sole Compatible
  • 7 Points of Contact Between the Boot and Binding
  • Short Mounting Zone Gives the Ski a Deeper, More Consistent Flex
  • Wide Mounting Platform
  • 0.5 Degrees of Ramp Angle
  • 72mm AFD